Custom Jewelry

How does it work

1. Design
First step is making a sketch of the design.
After the design is agreed on, I charge 50% before starting on the wax model.

2. Wax model
Each wax model is handmade, carved from a block of wax sculpted into the desired shape. This gives each piece unique characteristics

3. Casting
The silver jewelry is an exact duplicate of the wax model. In the proces of casting, the wax model gets destroyed and replaced with silver. The final product is all that remains.

4. Finish and polish.
The raw casting needs to be cleaned and polished to a bright shine

What do I need from you?

Do you already have an idea, inspiration or design direction? This can also be an example of a previous made ring you would like to get a variation on
For example if you want a custom name ring I would need the name and make some design options with that.

Custom rings: To make a custom ring it’s important to make sure it fits, so if you don’t know your ring size already you have to measure it.
You can order a ring sizer in my shop, so you can measure it at home. Another option is to go to a jewelry shop to get it measured or you can measure it yourself if you have a similiar ring that fits you.
Custom pendants: Just give a rough estimation of how big of a pendant/chain you are thinking about.

925 Solid silver
Heavy gold plating (5 micron) on solid silver base. Also known as “Gold Vermeill” or “Doublé”
14K Solid gold
18k Solid gold

Every piece is custom made and the price depends on the size, weight, design and material of the jewelry.
Below are some rough estimates:

Solid 925 sterling silver
Custom rings €180 – €300
Small pendants € 99 – €149
M/L pendant €149 – €400

Gold Plating 14 or 18K €65-95 extra

Solid gold is based on the daily gold prices and is very dependent on the weight of the jewelry

I charge 50% before starting on the wax model. The remaining 50% + shipping costs can be payed when it’s finished and ready to ship. Payments can be made through Paypal

I can ship worldwide. Shipping rates vary depending on the delivery address for your order